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There is always a story behind every smile, especially a mother’s smile. In life, we must have memorable stories about our beloved mothers. For those who are now mothers, we have experiences in dealing with the people we give to our dear ones. Telling the figure of a mother always brings something special to our hearts together. Like the writing sent by Fimela’s Friends in the following Mother Smile Story Contest.

Ablution water always wet you,

Holy verses are always recited,

Pray for his sons and daughters …

The pieces of the Sakha song’s lyrics always ring out when I imagine the figure of mama, the mother figure I got after marrying my husband. Before getting married I only met him twice because we worked overseas. I shyly asked how I should call her after the wedding, “Just call me mama, just like Mas (her son who became my husband),” she replied toto hk pools indonesia and togel singapore online. That’s how it started when I first called people “mama”. At first it felt so stiff, but after a while I got used to it too.

Our relationship may be the same as that of son-in-law and in-laws in general, his child is the intermediary between us both. But after I was blessed with our first child, we became closer. At first I suspected that my son was different from other children his age. Mamalah my place to tell my turmoil. Since there are no pediatricians who specialize in growth and development overseas, we asked my mother for help to find a doctor and planned to have my child checked during Eid homecoming.

A Soft Voice Full of Groaning and Grief

I don’t know how it felt at that time, hearing the diagnosis that my first child was labeled “a child with special needs” and had to undergo therapy for who knows how long. It’s sad for sure, not to mention confused about where to look for therapy overseas while the pediatrician isn’t there. But mom is strong, her favorite first grandchild was asked to stay in Surabaya with her, mom said that mom would deliver therapy every day. Mama who always strengthens me, reduces my longing for my child. Not a day goes by without photos and videos of my little daughter’s everyday. Mama is also always eager to tell the slightest progress of the therapy.

Mama, who is still strong every day, struggles to take her grandchildren to ride her own motorbike even though she is sweating hot. Mama who went around “doctor shopping” looking for 2nd 3rd 4th opinion on my daughter’s diagnosis, looking for info hither and thither which treatment is best for her and tell us the details so we can decide which one we will take.

Baca Juga :

I don’t count how much debt I have to pay for mama. After two years of entrusting my daughter to my mother, finally my husband’s proposal for moving was approved. Finally we can get together again. Glad to see mom who looked so happy when we moved.

Not long ago we were together, the Covid-19 pandemic occurred. In the midst of my condition, my husband and I were tested positive for Covid-19 from the results of the swab and had to undergo quarantine. Again, we have to trouble mama. We entrusted our little daughter to Mama again and had to go through quarantine for one month until she finally tested negative for Covid-19.

On this Mother’s Day, I would like to convey my million thanks to mama, the mother that I got when I was growing up to be a mother. Thank you for giving birth to and raising a man who is full of love like mama. Thank you, mama, for always being patient and strengthening us. We promise that we will always try to carve a smile on your mother’s face.

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