We invite all humanists, freethinkers, agnostics, atheists, skeptics and anyone else to join us for our monthly meetings to discuss current events from a humanist viewpoint. Come enjoy fellowship with like-minded individuals. If you’re not like-minded, come visit us anyway and learn what we are all about.

 Fellow Humanoids,

I hope the winter solstice was good to you and you to it and that you are looking forward to a new year of growth and contentment, as I am. And speaking of annual seasons, may I segue into seasons of life and this Saturday’s topic and presenter.
Our own Mr. Grant Cairns is going to talk to us about those very formative and fundamental early seasons and one aspect of how to go about them in–“The Challenges of Raising Secular Children.” This society, as you all well know, is so suffused, saturated with fundamental Christianity that it can feel quite smothering at times. I would imagine and have heard it told that for children of the open-minded just plain acceptance as a respectable human presents difficulties, and this before they have much ego strength to call on.
Come join us,

12-13-2015 edit: John’s presentation, “Jump Start Christianity” can be found here.

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